Remote Working Strategy’s for SMB’s

Flexible and remote working processes are always in high demand but, perhaps more than at any time, organizations are looking at their options for enabling staff to work from home.
It’s important to not jump the gun so to speak with selecting a remote working strategy as this can easily become out of hand and uncontrollable. Company data should be secured so why let it be at risk now when selecting your remote working strategy?


Safe & Secure Solutions

The challenge is that staff need a consistent user experience to ensure employee productivity. Workers need to easily collaborate with one another and have reliable access to business-critical data and applications. Our remote working solutions provide employees with the ability to work from home or on the move, whilst retaining communication and collaboration features and functionality enjoyed at the office. We offer a range of technology solutions to deliver an in-office IT and communications experience, regardless of the physical location, now with free trials and short-term contracts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Office 365

When you work in an office, you can typically head over to your coworker and hand them a print-out of a file or a folder, but working from home, this isn’t something you can do. 

With OneDrive, however, things are easy. You can share almost anything you want with your coworkers, be it a video, document, project, or more. 

With the Office 365 Collaboration suite your staff can easily communicate and meet virtually. Speak to one of our Office 365 consultants to learn more.

Office 365 pricing can vary from £3 - £15 pounds a month per license

Remote Worker VPN services

A remote access VPN works by creating a virtual tunnel between an employee's device and the company's network. 

This tunnel goes through the public internet, but the data sent back and forth through it is protected by encryption and security protocols to help keep it private and secure.

The way this will benefit your staff is that they will be able to access company resources like applications, file shares and more via their company or home devices. This is a cost effective way to provide simple and fast remote access.

This solution can be from £700 - £1200 pounds

Staff Laptop Bundles

We are creating custom laptop bundles from new to refurbished laptops that we can preconfigure for your staff with your requirements. 

This can be as simple as ensuring your laptops are up to date, configuring your staff’s applications and security before sending them out.
Speak to one of our consultants to learn more.

This solution can vary from £300 - £600 pounds per setup

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