Secure Cloud Solutions and Virtualisation

Want to move to the cloud? Rent space on our INK Networks virtual office cloud or let our experts design a virtual infrastructure at your premises.

What is secure cloud and why use it?

Running your applications in a cloud environment means using infrastructure provisioned and managed by us instead of you. We ensure you have the right infrastructure to run your workload, and that it will always be ready to scale up as your business grows. We manage hardware and software updates, security and backups, and you only pay as you go for what you use.

No more tying up cash and using energy for systems you might one day grow out of, no more worrying about whether you have the capacity to meet spikes in demand, no more stress about backup and security.

Organisations just like yours are turning to the cloud as the simplest way to manage their computing needs. You may have staff working from home, or on the move, and needing to access systems remotely.

You may be in a co-working space, with no facilities to run their own hardware.

You may want to be more sustainable, reduce their environmental footprint and reduce energy costs.
You may, like one INK Networks customer, want to shut down your office entirely, removing your servers and desktops and working entirely remotely, on laptops.

We provide a virtual environment called INK Virtual Office, run from our own cloud datacentre that adheres to ISO 27001 security standards, and with a direct connection to your office or remote staff. You have the capacity you need, and only the capacity you need. You save on power, space and time.


The INK virtual office solution includes

  • Secure cloud backups
  • Secure virtual servers & desktops
  • Cloud VOIP telephone Systems/Team collaboration systems
  • Cloud Email Services in partnership with Microsoft Office 365
  • Security & Network management
  • Scalable environment to meet your changing needs
  • Pay for what you use
To start your cloud journey, get in touch with INK Networks now

What is virtualisation?

In traditional computing architecture, one operating system runs on one physical machine. By contrast, with virtualisation, physical device (the host) is divided into multiple ‘virtual machines’(VMs), each with its own operating system. A piece of software called a hypervisor sits between the host and the virtual machines, and dynamically allocates resources to each VM as needed. To the applications on each VM, it appears as if they have their own dedicated machine, but in fact they are sharing resources, which is what makes virtualisation so efficient.

There are many reasons you might want to implement a virtual computing architecture:

Multiple apps - virtualisation allows desktop users to run applications meant for a different operating system without having to switch computers or reboot into a different system.
Multiple users - for administrators of servers, virtualisation offers a way to segment a large system into many smaller parts, allowing the server to be used more efficiently by a number of different users or applications with different needs.
Isolation & Security - Virtualisation keeps programs running inside a virtual machine safe from the processes taking place in another virtual machine on the same host. It enables fault and security isolation at the hardware level, without impacting applications.
Cost savings - virtualisation saves running costs and allows you to use your server hardware more efficiently.
Resilience - virtualisation can help to streamline backup and disaster recovery.
Hardware independence - VMs can be migrated between servers.

If virtual computing sounds like the right answer for your organisation, talk to us at INK Networks. We’ve got the expertise to help design your own virtual infrastructure at your premises.

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