Internet and Telephony Services

Your business needs connections - to your cloud systems, your team, your clients and suppliers, the world. INK Networks provides internet and telephony services to make staying connected hassle-free.

Internet and Telephony

Whatever your business, connections are essential - whether that’s through the internet or phone lines. INK Networks is an Internet Service Provider (ISP), meaning we can connect you to the internet via a broadband fibre link. We also provide high speed business leased lines and cloud voice over internet (VoIP) telephone systems.

We provide our services in partnership with some of the UK’s leading connectivity vendors. We’ll help plan for the services you need, then implement and support them, collaborating with your team and the vendor.

You get world-class connectivity, along with INK Networks’ local and personalised service. Connectivity that keeps you in touch and allows you to achieve business success.

Internet and Telephony Services

INK Networks offers

Standard Fibre Broadband
Broadband is the most commonly used form of connection to the internet. It uses fibre-optic cables to connect your business (or home) to your ISP provider’s data centre. Fibre-optic cables are fast and reliable, and broadband uses existing phone line infrastructure so it is fast and simple to set up. Broadband uses public connections, and the same cabling route will be used by multiple people to connect at the same time. Typically, broadband downloads and uploads may have different rates, with downloads being faster.

High speed business leased lines
If you need a dedicated connection, we can offer leased lines. A leased line is an exclusive, direct connection between your business and the ISP’s data centre. Leased lines give you:

a) very consistent network speeds at all times of day, because there is never any contention from other users.
b) the ability to upload and download at the same speed - unlike broadband, where download speeds are usually faster than upload speeds.
c) unlimited data allowance, and no unexpected additional costs
d) less potential for security exposures (although we still highly recommend taking data protection measures)
Be aware though, that a leased line requires a dedicated circuit (broadband uses existing phone lines), and requires a longer lead time for installation. We’ll help you with this during the planning phase.

VoIP telephone systems
VoIP uses your broadband internet connection to provide high quality, reliable and low cost voice and multimedia connections. A VoIP system can:

a) save you the cost of multiple ‘traditional’ (ISDN) phone lines
b) connects mobile as well as desk-based users, anywhere in the world
c) rapidly scale your voice connections as your business grows.
Many organisations are turning to VoIP in preparation for older systems (including ISDN) being phased out. VoIP offers the future-proofing they need for their business voice communications.

INK Networks are experts in this field and will help you plan, set up and support a telephony system that will meet your voice comms needs, save you money, grow with you and position you for the future.


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