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When you need the best advice and top-notch expertise, INK Networks provides IT consulting and professional services for businesses of all sizes in London and the UK.

IT advice

Whether you’re completely stuck and don’t know where to start with your IT, or you’ve got some ideas and want an expert opinion, talk to us at INK Networks. Our team will provide advice and guidance - on applications, hardware and cloud vs on-premise. Having worked with so many organisations, we can come up with approaches to just about every situation. If you’re not an expert in IT, don’t worry - because we are.

IT infrastructure design and implementation

IT solutions are not a ‘one size fits all’ - the infrastructure you select has to be right for your business - your location, skills, staff, applications and budget. We’ll take all of these into account and design a solution that’s perfect for you - then we’ll manage the implementation to turn the plan into reality.

Infrastructure/site surveys

Before implementing your infrastructure, we’ll review the practicalities - for example: do you have the power required for the equipment? Is there enough space for cabling? Do you need specialised cooling? Can your network provide the required performance? How will you physically get the infrastructure into place? We’ll do a detailed site survey, and report on any issues or work needed - so there are no nasty surprises on the day.

Desktop PC and Server Deployment

You’re ready to get set up - we’ll help with configuring and installing your desktop PCs and servers. Our certified IT engineers can build your PC image, customised with your applications, utilities and tools, and optimise your workstations for maximum performance.

We’ll set up your on-premise servers, including file systems, Active Directory, Virtualisation and Cloud Access, enabling collaboration, file and data sharing, backups, and security.

Network monitoring

You can’t check on your network 24/7 - but we can. We’ll set up constant monitoring and real-time alerts, to identify any potential issues before you’re even aware of them. Our network monitoring service stops small issues developing into larger ones, and to resolve them before they impact your business and your clients.

Work from home solutions

The world of work has changed. Your teams no longer come into the office all day every day - and your IT needs to adapt to support them as they work from home - or anywhere.
Our experts can help you set up the collaboration tools to enable your team to connect and work together anywhere, any time. From updating shared documents to HD video conferencing, we can help them collaborate for maximum productivity.
With Office 365 and other cloud solutions we support and provide, your files are no longer tied to a single device in a designated workspace, so staff can check their emails and update files remotely. Our remote working solutions will give you control over your data security and compliance with privacy, transparency, and refined user control. And with INK Networks handling server maintenance and system updates for you, your services will always be available, up to date and fully protected.

Email and website migrations

If your older email platform is slowing you down and impacting collaboration within your team, we can move you smoothly and easily onto Office 365. Office 365 is an enterprise class, affordable email system that will give you the flexibility you need for your growing team. It’s super-secure, with encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect your identities and confidential data.

If the sound of moving your email platform sounds daunting – don’t worry, INK Networks will take care of everything, from setting up the new platform, migrating your data and training your team. We don’t sell any solution that we don’t use ourselves, so you can be sure we know all the ins and outs of Office 365 and will get you up to speed in no time.

Structured cabling

Cabling is the essential ‘plumbing’ that supports all your IT systems – including data, voice, video and security. ‘Structured cabling’ is cabling to support a whole building or campus. It consists of standardised smaller elements connected together via ‘backbone’ cabling and patch panels. It is designed to be robust yet flexible, to support multiple computing requirements and to adapt as your business grows and requirements change.

At INK Networks, we can design, procure and implement all the elements to ensure that your office or campus cabling will support your IT requirements now an into the future.

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