Computer Support

Delivering full-service IT support and assistance, you can rely on INK Networks to advise, implement and manage your IT needs.

IT Consulting

All businesses benefit from having appropriate technology solutions in place. Used to increase productivity, improve automation and boost your turnover, we’ll help you find the perfect IT solutions for your company.

Whether you want to outsource your needs to an experienced IT services company or you’re looking for professionals to supplement your existing IT team, INK can provide the specialist support you require.

Choosing the right hardware, software, and cloud services can help you to achieve your business objectives. With our cost-effective solutions and innovative tech options, you can ensure you have the most effective tech solutions for your business.

At INK, we take a unique approach to IT consultancy. We take the time to understand your business and consider all aspects of your structure to determine which type of tech is most beneficial. In addition, we take a long-term view of your tech needs and ensure you have the right platform, software and programs for the future.
30 Sec
First Response Phone Calls
95 %
First Time Fix Rate
99 %
Closure Rate within SLA
100 %
Customer Satisfaction

Network & Server Troubleshooting

As a dedicated IT support company, we assist businesses of all sizes with their network and server needs. We’ll assess your existing infrastructure and ensure its well-maintained to future-proof your business. In addition to this, we can enhance your security to ensure your secure company network is fully compliant with data standards and regulations.

Outside of your standard business hours, we’ll be working hard to monitor servers and networking equipment. With constant monitoring and real-time alerts, we can identify potential issues before you’re even aware of them. Furthermore, we’ll resolve them before they have an impact on your business functions and outputs.

To find out more about our IT consultancy services, managed support or network and server support, contact the INK Networks team now on 020 3948 4555.

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