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High speed websites on dedicated servers, and application software-as-a-service. INK has your online presence covered.

Web space services

Your website is the shopfront for your business, probably the very first thing your potential customers see of you. Website visitors very quickly move on if your site is slow – losing you the potential for more business.

So you need your website to perform - to be fast and responsive. Much of that comes down to your website hosting – the speed of the host servers and whether your site has its own dedicated space, or is on a shared hosting space or a virtual private space (VPS). Most of the big well-known platforms use shared spaces, but with INK Network hosting, You get your own dedicated virtual servers with allocated processors, memory, storage and network speed entirely managed by us. Our private cloud platform is highly secure, with tailored security options to suit your needs. Plus, our servers are super-fast, ensuring that your visitors have a great experience when they visit your site,– enhancing their impression of your business and encouraging them to stay on your site for longer.

Web application hosting

If you engage with your customers via apps, they have to be hosted on infrastructure that is secure, fast and scalable. Most businesses also want to use a Software-as-a-Service hosting model, which allows them to pay only for what they use, but scale as their user base grows and the app needs more resources. Many businesses opt for a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

INK Networks offers an alternative, with a highly cost-effective private cloud. Our cloud application hosting service offers greater flexibility than the big public clouds, allowing you far more granularity in the way in which your app is hosted and the ability to request more detailed changes. We did a price comparison with AWS and Azure, and can confidently state that our offering offers far more benefits for your money. So talk to use today about the benefits of hosting your app with INK Networks.

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