Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Cyber and disaster risks

Protecting your business, your staff, and your clients’ information is fundamental to building a reliable, reputable name for yourself. Securing your systems is a top priority - the AV-Test Institute registers over 390,000 new malicious programs every day, so the risk is very real.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses are obliged to protect their clients’ data in the face of an onslaught of stealing of personal data for identity theft.
And what if a disaster struck - such as a storm, fire, flood or an unforeseen event within your organisation - hitting your computing system? It’s essential to have a backup and recovery plan so that you can rapidly get your business back up and running.

Whilst the big corporates tend to have sophisticated cyber security tools and resources in place, SMES are more often left exposed. Hackers know this and will often specifically target SMEs for this reason. Yet SMEs make a massive contribution to our economy and simply cannot afford to leave themselves unprotected.

Cyber and disaster risks

How INK Networks can help

At INK Networks, we specialise in cyber security for SMEs, helping to protect businesses, their clients’ data and above all their reputation. We’ve curated a bulletproof suite of security measures to protect you. We partner with leading security vendors to provide solutions that combine intrusion prevention, anti-malware, content filtering capabilities and other protective measures.

Business Continuity Plans
The key to recovery is backup. We’ll help you design and implement a backup plan, taking regular copies of your system, storing them offsite, having plans ready to go for replacement infrastructure and even office space, so that if the worst happens you can swing into action and get swiftly back on your feet.

Cyber Security Advice
Thinking about security can seem like a daunting task. Where do you begin with Firewalls, Anti-Viruses, Anti-Spam, and other defences? If you’re tempted to put your head in the sand and hope for the best, pick up the phone to us instead. We’ll give you clear advice and guidance, and help you through the security maze to understand just what is needed to keep your business safe.

Cyber Security Risk Assessments
We’ll audit your current system, and recommend and implement a solution, to ensure you have the best defences for your network.

If you’ve already been hacked, we can test for vulnerabilities, to check that you have closed all the routes into your systems. If you’ve been hit with a virus, we will check that every trace is removed and that there are no remaining weaknesses.

Information Security Policies and Procedures
When it comes to security, policies are just as important as tools. Most security breaches actually occur due to non-malicious actions of staff - whether it’s letting someone through the security doors, or not changing their password frequently enough. All the tools in the world won’t be able to do their job if your people aren’t aware of risks and following your policies.

We’ll help you develop policies and implement them within your business. If you’re aiming for ISO Data Security (27001) certification or planning to achieve the Cyber Essentials Certification, we’ll get you ready to pass with flying colours.

We currently hold the Cyber Essentials Certificate and follow the ISO27001 Standard in our daily practices.


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