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I'm moving office, help!

Relocating can be an exciting time for your business, but it can also be a logistical challenge! Whether you’re moving to a different floor, a different office or a different country, you’ll need professional tech support.

With dedicated IT relocation services, you can minimise downtime and keep your business functioning while you’re in the process of relocating. Our comprehensive IT relocation services ensure we can manage your move for you, from start to finish.

As well as backing up and securing your data, we’ll prepare an inventory of your equipment and safely pack everything up. With labelling, mapping and route planning, we’ll ensure your hardware gets to where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

Of course, we won’t simply deliver your hardware and leave you to it. With expert IT support, our dedicated technicians will be on hand to install and set up your hardware, software and platforms, so that you’re IT systems are working perfectly in your new location.

Ensuring a stress-free relocation, INK Networks will ensure your IT systems are moved safely, securely and swiftly.

Managing Server & Networking Relocations

Moving critical data and equipment requires a professional approach. You’re responsible for the physical security of your data, as well as its online security, so you’ll need a trusted IT services company to manage your relocation.

At INK Networks, we have extensive IT relocation experience and are committed to minimising both digital and physical risk. From the moment we arrive to pack up your hardware to the minute its safely installed in your new premises, you can be sure that everything is being maintained, secured and moved with care.

Hands-On Relocation Support

Our dedicated project managers, engineers and transport technicians work collaboratively to devise and effective relocation strategy for your company. Maintaining the integrity of your data and equipment is our top priority, and you can rely on us to deliver hassle-free IT relocation.

With comprehensive IT relocation support, you’ll have a single point of contact and a seamless transition from one location to another. We’ll even take your new premises into consideration and work with you to recreate your existing office layout or to design a location-specific IT layout for your new home.

Our technicians and engineers will be on site until your IT systems are fully restored and you’re up and running. From commissioning servers, unpacking equipment and re-connecting your hardware to checking logins and establishing network connectivity, you can rely on INK Networks to install your entire IT suite. In fact, we’ll make sure that every wire, mouse and switch is in the right place and operating correctly!

Whether you want to establish a secure company network North London, access IT services Central London or facilitate an IT relocation from Glasgow to Manchester, you can rely on our trusted transport technicians to manage your move.

To discuss your move with an IT relocation specialist, contact INK Networks now on 020 3948 4555.

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