March 14, 2017

I've been hearing a lot of talks and have come across a lot of articles with regards to the new GDPR act coming into place in May 2018. The most recent article I've seen is the one below which briefly outlines what Microsoft are doing about it, so it must be serious right? ..

Microsoft have outlined that all their products across the cloud will be compliant, I'm guessing this would be the right time to migrate over to Office 365 Cloud Services to help your business get started... That’s if you haven’t done already.

If you feel that your company or any of your close business contacts could benefit from Office 365 Cloud Services, and not just for the security aspect, but for all its other features please do not hesitate to get in contact or provide a referral. As a re seller of Microsoft products INK Networks would be more than happy to help!

In addition to the above, INK Networks can also work with you to ensure that other areas of your business are aligned with parameters surrounding the GDPR act.

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