St Ermins Hotel 
Case Study

St Ermins Hotel is an independent deluxe four-star hotel that is part of the Autograph collection by Marriott International.
The hotels management realised that a plan needed to be put into place to improve the overall IT Infrastructure as a result of multiple system failures and difficulty managing the collaboration between various 3rd party suppliers. The key challenges were staying on top of various projects and best practices required by Marriott International as well as effective communication between 3rd party suppliers due to a knowledge gap surrounding the more technical aspects of the systems within the hotel.
In order to get an unbiased evaluation of their current Infrastructure and processes, St Ermins Hotel engaged INK Networks to spend time gathering all the facts and to establish a plan that would lead to INK creating Best Practices. The Improvement Plan presented by INK Networks revealed areas that required immediate attention:

• IT Support Processes
• Emergency Response Procedures
• IT Infrastructure
• Roles and Responsibilities
• Line of communication with 3rd Party suppliers

These areas served as building blocks for the execution of short and longer-term strategies. These strategies involved changes to roles and responsibilities, changes in processes and procedures, a complete infrastructure refresh, the upgrade of key internal systems and the implementation of a more effective communication line.
INK Networks reassessed the overall maturity of the infrastructure and processes to demonstrate improvements following the execution of the strategies put in place. It was determined that significant improvements were made in all areas that required immediate focus and as a result this had a positive effect on the overall performance and moral of the team at St Ermins Hotel.

The IT infrastructure is now working optimally with all the key areas that contribute to a high level of output working as intended. The line of communication was narrowed down with INK networks being in the middle, this has led to both the team at St Ermins and their 3rd party providers to communicate without being misunderstood, the IT support process is now smoother and St Ermins Hotel continues to invest in improvements and has enhanced its IT department with the help of INK Networks.
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