Network Upgrade 
Case Study

Client Overview
- Team of 10
- Using Basic DSL network and router
- No central networking structure
- Poor WiFi network
What they wanted to achieve
Paolo Cicero, Business Manager explains the satiation: “We were expanding the clinic and therefore needed to ensure our IT is to sustain our continuing growing needs. Our admin team was moving to a different floor, we needed to increase our medical equipment and they all needed to be on a single network”. 

Up until Paolo consulted us they had posted their requirement on LinkedIn and gained a lot of response but found that the understanding of our business needs, our journey and experience was the deciding factor. 

“We knew we needed to invest in key infrastructural IT elements” he continues, “because we rely so heavily on computers now; everything is electronic, our diaries, our notes, our practice records – everything is online.”
INK Networks impressed 
because of:
- The depth and efficiency of the project team
- Understanding of the listed building requirements for CAT6 cabling
- Relationships with ISP providers
- The time the INK team put into understanding the company’s requirements and budget
- Having a single supplier for IT support and telecoms provision
The Solution
After examining the poor connectivity inside and outside the building we proposed a cost-efficient solution to ensure a secure & powerful IT Infrastructure for the Harley street eye clinic. This included Gigabit internet connectivity, structured cabling, next generation firewall appliance security and centralized wireless networking as the clinic spans over multiple floors. 

Paolo says, “We feel that we can trust our IT supplier and that they will support us when we need them to. Not all of us are techy, so having someone on the end of the phone who will sort things out when you need them to is very important to us.”

The fact the INK Networks team was on hand to come into our London office when required was another plus.

These changes have included:
- Structured Cat6 Cabling across multiple floors
- Centralised Wireless Networking
- SonicWALL Firewall Network Security
- Leased Line internet services
- vLAN networking for Guest, Clinic and Server networking
Putting effective IT systems in place is key to running a smooth clinic and the the client recognise the importance in ensuring an optimal customer experience. The support received from INK Networks has been essential and has issued in peace of mind and a new level of competency and compliance for the business.

“INK ensured our clinic could grow” says Paolo, “The upgrades that the INK team implemented was key our clinic expansion, our consultants have a centralised system that is now connected with stable internet connectivity. Our patients can now reach guest services all over the clinic which has been a struggle in the past. INK care about us and our growth plans for the business. Other companies we have worked with have not always made us feel comfortable or confident.
Why INK are Clinic’s IT Partner 
of choice:
• The eye clinic work around the clock, due to client’s often being on different time zones, to provide exemplary service to their customers, so being able to access files, applications and documents from the office, on the move and at home is of paramount importance.
• In the unlikely event an issue arising, the clinic operate safe in the knowledge that a INK support engineer will start fixing the problem within 10 minutes.
• By replacing old PCs and implementing a secure back up and disaster recovery solution, INK have enhanced productivity and de risked Dr El-Amir’s business.
• By installing a SonicWALL managed firewall INK have addressed the clinic’s connectivity issues and guaranteed maximum bandwidth.
INK Networks Technical Director James Hayward commented: ”We welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate the true benefits of a fully-managed platform to The Harley Street Eye Clinic. We are pleased that they are satisfied with their new IT infrastructure and are on hand for them 24x7x365. We look forward to developing our business partnership with The clinics group.”
How the clinic is performing since the changes were implemented
The clinic has been able to increase their working opportunities to different floors and spread the admin team….

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