Disaster Recovery

Help! The thought of losing critical business data is keeping me up at night!

Do you remember when people first started using computers? They were terrified that one single wrong move or button press would delete everything and wipe their entire system.

Well, this is the level of terror that those in charge of a business face every day. Granted, it's not a single button push that could cause such a disaster, but not having the proper safeguards in place to prevent catastrophic data loss instead.

Fortunately, managed IT London provider like INK Networks are in a prime position to help you prevent such a disaster from occurring. We can even help to minimise any adverse effect on your business if your critical data has already seemingly disappeared down a rabbit hole!

Value of data in your business

We live in the age of information, and all businesses that want to remain competitive have at least a part of their day to day operations online. A situation that continually generates a massive amount of data to be managed and protected.

In fact, the most successful companies use this data to inform their practices, shape their plans and goals. While some even use information collected in real-time to enable them to be responsive to customers' needs.

What all of this points to is that data isn’t just essential but is hugely valuable to your business as well!

The problem is data loss does happen!

The problem is that data loss does occur and fast. Whether it's a single critical presentation that goes missing 5 minutes before your meeting or an entire database. In fact, it only takes one fault, and you can be instantly left with nothing and have to rebuild your business almost from scratch.

Also, to further complicate things, data loss can be hard to predict as it can be caused by a variety of unpredictable variables. Such as server crashes, hacking, and even operator errors.

Of course, just imagining the damage that this could do to your business is enough to produce nail-biting anxiety.

The solution is to let INK Networks deal with your disaster recovery for you.

Here at INK Networks, we can protect you from situations where data can be lost. We can even help you get back data that has already seemingly disappeared into the ether.

At INK Networks have the expertise to help no matter how deep a rabbit hole that one vital doc has fallen. We can even put in place systems that block up the rabbit holes and prevent any data loss going forward.

One way that we at INK can help you do this is by setting up a cloud-based system. In fact, such a system can protect your data in two important ways. The first is that storing your essential data remotely via a cloud system can help protect you from physical threats such as flooding or fire to your premises. With such events regularly damaging servers, and so being responsible for irretrievable data loss.

While the second way is that a cloud system will enable you to restore lost files that occur as a result of a security breach such as a malicious hacking event. Something that will allow your business to be back up and running again in no time with minimal disruption to productivity at all.

We can even action all of these benefits remotely too. This means you don't need to wait for an IT specialist to arrive on site before you can get things back to usual.

Don't lose your data down a rabbit hole of doom. Work with us here at INK to recover and protect it from disaster instead.

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