Office Relocation

Help! The stress of moving my office IT to a new location is making my head spin.
While many people see an office move as an exciting time, it can also be a stressful situation for sure. Especially if it's your responsibility to get everything from one site to the other, and up and working as quickly as possible

Of course, the fact that there will be pressure on you to ensure drops in productivity and downtime is are small as possible won't help your stress level much either!

The value of an office move

Office moves often boil down to the allocation of resources. In fact, by changing your premises, you can save a whole load of money, almost overnight. That is as long as you can get things back up and running as quickly as possible. After all, having weeks of downtime or less than optimum productivity can soon eat up any financial gains you have made.

The problem is that office relocations, while unavoidable, can be complicated and specialist work.

The big issue here is that if you need to move premises for whatever reason, you cannot avoid shifting all of your IT hardware, software and networks as well.

What that means is it's not just a matter of mapping out the office and packing up computers and printers so they will be safe on the journey. Instead, you will need to deal with relocating things like your servers and networks as well.

Unfortunately, that means your data can be at risk. Both in the real and the virtual world while this is going on. Then there is the logistical headache you can expect from moving the hardware from one place to another.

Don’t panic; here at INK Networks, we can help with every IT aspect of your office relocation!

Here at INK we are well versed in all the specialist areas that are required for IT relocation. Something that can help you to stay grounded, while your business retains productivity even during the move.

The way that we do this is to offer Hands-On Relocation Support, which means our staff won’t leave until your business is up and running in your new location.

In fact, here at INK we have a unique way of handling office relocations that means we are one of the most popular choices for businesses going through a move.

Our approach starts with an IT relocation planning session where we go out of our way to listen to you and establish the specific need of your business. Once we have this information, we then come up with a custom strategy for the move. This being something that will include safely packing and labelling your equipment, and taking care of the security of your data. We even take inventory so you can be sure nothing goes missing on route!

Then once all your equipment has made it safely to the new premises, we will stay, install and set up any hardware and software that you need.

Of course, we won’t only deliver your hardware and leave you to it. With expert IT support, our dedicated technicians will be on hand to install and set up your hardware, software and platforms too. Therefore ensuring that all your IT systems are working correctly in your new location.

Stay grounded even when your office location is in flux by letting the experts at INK Networks handle your relocation from start to finish.

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