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Help! I'm sick of asking employees to get off of Instagram and focus on what they should be doing online!
It is impossible to improve efficiency and productivity without monitoring how you and your employees work. Of course, monitoring your IT systems is a crucial part of this. Therefore if you want to know whether specific tasks are a good ROI on time and money, being able to monitor what is going on is crucial.

The problem is that IT systems can be difficult to control manually.

However, with potentially hundreds of workstations, and employees and thousands of files to monitor, doing so manually is a recipe for failure. Instead, what you need is an automated way to make sure that everyone is doing what they should be.

The solution is to ask INK to set up a monitoring and support system that is a breeze to use.

In fact, here at IN we can help you set up a system that will allow you to do a range of different things related to monitoring.
Want to be able to track what is coming in and going out? We’ve got you covered. Maybe you need to get an overview of your entire network, or perhaps your concern is keeping your staff off Instagram and focused on their work? IN can help.

We can even help you if security is an issue. Something that will allow you to have ultimate control of what is accessed and by who. This being a massive advantage for any business dealing with confidentiality or privacy issues such as financial providers.

In fact, we can tailor any system and monitor it in line with the specific needs of your business. Something that can make things more efficient while keeping the cost of doing so as low as possible.

Stop wasting your time trying to find out if your employees are wasting their time. Let INK install an IT monitoring system for you instead.

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