Computer Re locations London

February 27, 2017

INK Networks provides high quality IT relocation and installation services.

Whether your entire company is relocating across the country or a single department is moving across the room, we provide excellent relocation service and make sure that your business keeps operating as normal. Computer Re locations London

We ensure that appropriate data back-ups have been taken prior to any relocation allowing us to reinstate the IT network in the same configuration. Computer Re locations London

Our relocation service includes mapping, disconnection, secure packing, transport, set-up, install, re connection and testing. We make sure that you commence your work from the first day at your new location. Computer Re locations London

INK Networks provides:

•    PC Desktop, Laptop and telephone relocations
•    Server installation and relocations
•    Data Centre relocation
•    Data cabling installation
•    PC/server Equipment hardware upgrades
•    Software deployment to PC desktops or servers
•    Communications equipment relocations
•    Network patching and auditing services
•    Portable appliance testing
•    Cable management

Computer Re locations London

Office Address

Unit 10, 394 Camden Road
London, N7 0SJ , UK



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