SJB Global Case Study – 
VDI Solution, Remote Working and Security

Client Brief
Being a globally based financial adviser with agents and planners working from different locations, they required the services of an IT company with expertise on delivering a business solution that fits in with their business model. The client’s requirements were simple.

 A centralized Virtual Private Server (VPS) environment which allowed for them to dynamically work from any location that was scalable, secure and with minimal downtime.

The solution would need to be accessible from Windows and Mac machines, as the client’s organization did not have a unified endpoint rollout and staff would sometimes use their own devices to work. SJB were worried about the company’s data being secure which, when working from a secured VDI environment, the data never leaves the cloud, and all communication is highly encrypted.

To run client custom applications that needed the 99.9% uptime agreement which could be accessed anywhere.

When discussing other ways to leverage the cloud VPS network, we highlighted with SJB that if we employ a Software Defined approach to Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) we can give them a direct connection to the cloud. In essence, when office-based staff work from their central hub they won’t need to connect to their virtual desktop. The machines in the office can be attached to the cloud, still comply with company policies and when working out of the office, those members of staff will utilize the Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
What the Client Stated
Although SJB Global keeps strict control of their endpoints by not allowing employees to store company data on personal devices, desktop virtualization has still made it easier to securely deliver a consistent experience to the entire workforce across laptops, desktops, and unmanaged clients. This is an important element of the solution for Liam’s team.
“I’ve been in conversations with people in other Financial organizations who are not using virtual desktops and when I hear about their experiences and challenges it makes me all the more thankful that we are,” Liam said. “The maintenance of the endpoints is much easier.”
As SJB Global continues to innovate and adopt cloud solutions, Liam said virtual desktops and VPS have proved their continued worth after the move to INK Networks.
“As more and more of our data becomes cloud-based I continue to ask the question ‘Do we need VDIs?,’” Liam explained. “But by allowing us to access all our info from anywhere, and still have a security parameter, that’s important. We can say all the financial information is inside this parameter that the VDI establishes. That’s the key driver.”
Reasons INK 
Networks impressed:
• Critical round the clock Managed IT Service support
• Uptime Guarantee
• Scalable Infrastructure
• Owning the equipment that VPS is ran on
• Continued improvement.
Changes Made
• Fully Managed and Privately Hosted Cloud
• Dedicated Virtualized Windows Server 2019 Instance
• Dedicated VDI instances for each staff member
• Remote Access Capabilities
• Direct Cloud Network access for Office based staff on Managed PC’s
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