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Solving Staff Access & 
Network Resilience

Client Brief
- Client wanted to have a safe and secure space to store the company files, where access could be limited and staff were unable to accidentally delete, overwrite or move documents.
- Certain files not to be open to everyone
What the Client Stated
Jacqui Tetley, Director of JT AccountS, explains the situation: “I think for any small business the ability to keep control of your company’s proprietary data is imperative which is why we turned to INK Networks for the support and guidance. INK knew exactly what we needed after the first few days of watching us work”. 

Up until they consulted us, they had touched base with a few London based IT companies but found that the understanding of our business needs, our journey and experience was the deciding factor.”

“We knew we needed to put key security elements in place,” she continues, “because we rely so heavily on computers now; everything is electronic, our diaries, our notes, our accountancy records – everything is online.”

Reasons INK Networks impressed:
- The depth and efficiency of the support team
- The time the INK team put into understanding the company’s requirements and budget
- Having a single supplier for IT support and telecoms provision
Jacqui says, “We’ve jumped headfirst into different options before and it just hasn’t worked for us. Now we feel that we can trust our IT supplier and that they will support us when we need them to. Not all of us are techy, so having someone on the end of the phone who will sort things out when you need them to is very important to us. The fact the INK Networks team was on hand to come into our London office when required was another plus.”
Changes Made
- Migration to Office 365
- Migration from basic NAS storage to a hosted live server solution to enable data sharing between office locations and remote working
- Strengthening email security
- Dual-WAN internet services
- SonicWALL Firewall Network security
- Centrally managed endpoint and server security
“INK does listen to us,” says Jacqui, “They know that good IT is key to our business and have worked with us to put the most effective systems in place. Even though we are a small business, INK care about us. Other companies we have worked with for our technology provisions have not always made us feel confident or comfortable. We don’t feel like that with INK – we know our business is important to them and they’ve made that clear in their actions.”

“Small businesses have and continue to be complacent about cyber security,” Jacqui says, “and often think if something’s going to cost extra, is it really worth it? However, if you have chosen your supplier, you do actually need to commit and trust them. Do not be afraid to spend the money because, unfortunately, the money you could lose is ten times more. It certainly would have been for us. We are bound by so much regulation the money versus risk is a mute argument.”

“The relationship with INK Networks is a strong one and one of the better decisions we’ve made in my 12+ years practice.” – Jacqui Tetley.

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